of Layman & Colera Skinner located in Edinburg, Texas


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 Last updated on 12/07/19.

In loving memory of our Father and Mother, L.H. Skinner Sr & Colera Dean Skinner, they are survived by 5 children, 14 grand children, 23 great grand children and 7 great great grand children

Married February 26, 1934

Layman Skinner Family Photo Gallery

Layman Houston Skinner Sr.

Born 11/06/1905 Reborn 2/05/1994 89 Yrs,3 Months

Skinner-Pigg Family Reunion 2001(Texas)

Colera Dean Pigg - Skinner

Born 05/11/1913 Reborn 2/27/2000 86 Yrs,9 Months


The children of Layman Houston and Colera Dean Skinner


Lasche (1 yr).jpg (36005 bytes) Laydean (1 yr).jpg (36892 bytes) LH.jpg (26866 bytes) TOOKIE (1 yr).jpg (36718 bytes) Derry (1 yr).jpg (28443 bytes)

The pictures where taken at the age of 1 year.  Click picture to enlarge.  Left to Right

Margaret Lasche Skinner   Marjorie Laydean Skinner

Layman Houston Skinner Jr.

Catherine Idonia Skinner   Derry Kim Skinner